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YHIS Summer Camp, the only Chinese immersion and cultural camp in the greater Princeton area, offers a unique opportunity for young learners to acquire and use Mandarin Chinese effectively and to obtain an understanding of authentic Chinese culture. All campers interact daily with native Chinese speakers with a myriad of talents. Past campers left with an impressive level of understanding of the language and intense interest in the culture.
In summer 2017, we will offer programs specially designed for four age groups: ages 2.5-3.5, 4-6, 7-9, and 10 & up. No prior knowledge of Chinese is necessary. Each program is up to eight weeks long, from June 26 to August 18. Campers should plan to attend at least two consecutive weeks under the same theme to fully benefit from the immersion nature of the program.

Chinese Immersion Camp for 2.5-3.5 years old

June 26 to July 7: You and Me  你和我 (no classes on July 4)
Explore the five senses. Stay healthy and safe. Experiment with things around us!

July 10 to 21: I Sing, You Dance  唱和跳
Explore toys and games. Build gross and fine motor skills. Learn Chinese through singing and dancing!
July 24 to August 4: Chinese Arts  中国美术
Splash colors. Paint ceramics. Craft arts. Find beauty in nature, in you and in me!
August 7 to 18: Science Amazement  科学
Place plants under magnifying glass. Study animals around us. Open our eyes to the amazing environment!
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Chinese Cultural Camp for 4-6 & 7-9 years old

June 26 to July 7: Chinese Cuisine  好吃好看 (No classes on July 4)
Chinese festivals are always filled with food and fun. We talk about stories and legends behind the food and celebrations. Chinese tea ceremony is a feast to our senses, while Chinese yoyo challenges our eyes, hands and mind. Explore the STEAM behind Chinese cooking.
July 10 to 21: Performing Arts  好听好跳
We explore Chinese lion dance, martial arts, and folk dances. We listen to and dramatize a rich collection of Chinese stories by designing and creating authentic shadow puppets. Downtime is still filled with traditional Chinese board games.  Find out how STEAM is related to this.
July 24 to August 4: Chinese Fine Arts & Makers Camp  好真好美
Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn Chinese calligraphy and brush painting from a famed artist! In addition, there are lessons in intricate Chinese knot tying, advanced paper cutting and creative origami. Let’s apply STEAM concepts and make things. Campers will leave with plenty of beautiful finished products!
August 7 to 18: Chinese Operas & Sports Camp  好戏好玩 
Learn about Chinese geography and history, legends and stories, people and places through the unique lens of Chinese operas and dramas. Yes, STEAM abounds in Chinese stories. Practice acting skills while gaining a deep understanding of some essential elements of Chinese culture.
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Chinese Cultural Camp for 10 years old and up

June 26 to July 7: Travel to China  周游中国 (No classes on July 4)
Join us as we travel to Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, Guilin, Chengdu and more! Visit these top attractions in China without flying. Enjoy the scenic view and learn about their historical significance. Campers will gain a deeper understanding of China as they practice to be top notch tourist guides!

July 10 to 21: Monkey King Performing Arts  戏说猴王
We explore the stories of Sun Wu Kong, the Monkey King. We listen to and dramatize a rich collection of Chinese legends and stories through shadow puppets.
July 24 to August 4: Chinese Culture and Dance  文化艺术 
Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn Chinese culture and how it affects traditions and beliefs. Learn the cool Lion Dance step by step.
August 7 to 18: Chinese Cuisine & Fine Arts  创意美食 
Keep the fire going and enjoy advanced authentic Chinese cooking. Appreciate rich Chinese culture through learning the origin and stories behind them. Intermediate brushing painting, calligraphy, and coding in Chinese.
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Summer Camp Fee


Summer Camp Registration Form


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Program Essentials:
Overview of YHIS Summer Camp Program: supply list, sample daily schedule, etc.
Camp hours: 9 am - 3:30 pm (half-day options are available)
Before care: 8 am - 9 am (free)
After care: 3:30 pm - 6 pm (for a fee)

Notes on camp fees:
1. Field trip is included in camp fee for 5-full-day campers. For part-time campers, extra fees and/or restrictions may apply. Please refer to Summer Camp Fee for details.          
2. 10% sibling discount applies to the sibling(s) with the lower camp fee.            
3. The registration fee of $50 applies to each family. 
4. Please refer to Page 4 of Sumer Camp 2017 Flyer for discount offers.

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Please also feel free to reach out to Michelle Tan, Camp Director, at (609) 375-8015 or . Come and experience the magic of YHIS Summer Camp!


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